The Ten Worst Car Accessories

If you’re like me, you spend hours every week driving around in your car. And if you’re also like me, it occurred to you at some point during that drive: “What an ugly car!” You thought it was yours, but then my friends started saying the same thing about their cars. And then they started asking what was up with the toothpick holder on their dashboard and why they had fuzzy dice hanging from their rearview mirrors. It turns out there are many people who think their cars could use some work—and we should all check out this list before making any purchases in hopes of sprucing up our rides!

Toothpick holder

A toothpick holder is a small receptacle for toothpicks, which are used to clean the teeth. While this may sound helpful, it’s dangerous and should be avoided.

Toothpicks are commonly made of wood or plastic and are available at most convenience stores or gas stations. They’re also incredibly inexpensive, so cheap that most people throw them away when they’re finished with them! But if you have nowhere to put your used toothpicks, why not keep them in a cup? 

It’s easy enough to make one out of an old yogurt container (though we recommend using something more significant than that). Just cut off the top edge so that it’s at least as deep as your longest toothpick is tall (about half an inch), and poke holes in either side near the bottom for drainage before placing it in your bathroom sink or kitchen trash can. When complete, throw it away without worrying about getting poked by sharp objects again!

But wait—there’s more! You could even try using one of those fancy glass jars from Whole Foods Market instead if you think it looks nicer than regular plastic containers would look next time you want something classy looking on display while eating dinner with friends 🙂

Fluffy dice

Fluffy dice could be a better idea. They’re distracting to you and your passengers and can be hazardous to other drivers on the road.

Most people don’t believe it when I tell them this, but fluffy dice are a distraction. 

The human brain is fantastic at ignoring things we have learned to ignore over time—like the hum of an air conditioner or the sound of our breathing—but every once in a while, that ability fails us. We’re thrust back into reality with a jolt as something catches our attention that we weren’t expecting or paying attention to previously. Fluffy dice fall into this category: they’re so silly-looking that they pull your eyes away from whatever else you were looking at (and sometimes even what you were thinking about). 

It’s not so much that they distract other drivers as much as themselves. Suppose you’re driving along with fluffy dice dangling from your rearview mirror. In that case, chances are high that any time one flutters around and catches your eye, it will cause an involuntary jerk forward by both yourself and whoever else is sharing your vehicle with those tacky little reminders of good times past!

Giant fuzzy dice

  • Giant fuzzy dice are a waste of money. They cost anywhere from $15 to more than $100 and are just an expensive way to get distracted while driving. Plus, they’ll take up space on the dashboard that you could use for something better.
  • Giant fuzzy dice are not safe. Suppose your car is involved in an accident and is lucky enough to survive without being totaled. In that case, the big fuzzy dice will probably break off and fall onto the floor of your car, where they’ll be damaged beyond repair (not like it matters because none of this stuff is worth anything). And if you were so stupid as to put these things on your rearview mirror or windshield wipers? Well, then, your luck ran out!
  • Giant fuzzy dice aren’t even aesthetically pleasing! They’re ugly and cheap looking; plus, since most people get them from gas stations or other places like Walgreens and 7-Elevens that sell cigarettes and lottery tickets anyway—it’s hard not to think about how many people have touched them before you do!

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a standard car accessory but a waste of money and can harm your health. That’s because air fresheners don’t clean the air; they make pleasant smells that mask bad ones. Even worse, you might get sick when the scent gets too strong! Avoid using them altogether if possible.

The other reason not to use air fresheners is that they can be dangerous—not only because they’re often made with chemicals that aren’t safe for kids or pets (and adults!), but also because sometimes these scented products fall off the dashboard and onto passengers’ laps while they’re driving—and nobody wants to get hit in the face by an aerosol device! So if you want some fragrance in your car without risking soiling yourself or anyone else with what could be harmful chemicals try baking cookies instead!

Fuzzy steering wheel and seat covers

Fuzzy steering wheel and seat covers are a safety hazard.

They’re uncomfortable, make your car look cheap, and are hard to clean.

We recommend a fuzzy dashboard cover to go all out with the fuzzy stuff.

Spinning hubcaps

Spinning hubcaps are not simply decorative; they’re supposed to protect your wheels from damage. But there are so many reasons why spinning hubcaps is a terrible idea:

  • They can be dangerous if they come off and fly into the road.
  • They distract drivers and passengers when you’re trying to drive safely.
  • They look tacky on an otherwise clean vehicle (or any vehicle).

Dice for the rearview mirror.

If you’re constantly looking for a new and exciting way to express your personality, then dice for the rearview mirror are probably right up your alley. They’re popular with kids and tourists but must be safer and more instrumental.

When you drive, you need all of your attention on the road. And when your mind wanders (which it will), it can be dangerous if that wander leads into distracted territory (which it will). So here’s what happens: You get distracted by the dice hanging from your rearview mirror, which causes you to look away from where you should be looking at that moment–and then later, when something happens on whatever street this is… well, then there’s no one around to catch our fallible human nature because we’ve already crashed! This isn’t just a theoretical problem either; a study by AAA found that “dice in a car can distract drivers more than other objects like sunglasses or coffee mugs because they tend to move about more easily.”

Windshield decals.

Windshield decals are the biggest culprit when it comes to lousy car accessories. They’re a cheap way to add character but can obscure your view and distract you while driving. The worst part is that they usually come with instructions like, “Don’t apply over other stickers.” So you have no choice but to put them somewhere else where they will still be visible but won’t obstruct your view as much. 

To make matters worse, car owners don’t need stickers these days when plenty of companies out there will personalize everything from floor mats to dashboards for them! It’s easy enough not to buy these kinds of products in general stores like Walmart or Target—but if someone in your life has one (or five), let them know that no matter how much fun their child had creating an ice cream truck on their back window with markers (and then diving into a said truck), it’s time for some new artwork!

Purple neon lights under the car.

The purple neon lights under your car are tacky and distracting to other drivers on the road. They can become a safety hazard at night or when experiencing a flat tire, as they may be difficult to see. If that happens, you must immediately pull over and get it fixed. 

But if you have purple neon lights, they’ll probably set off every time someone drives by in their car with headlights on while looking for somewhere safe to pull over! Most importantly, though, purple is unattractive (ask any designer). It looks terrible on everything—clothes, cars, even people! If we had our way, we’d outlaw those things immediately, but until then, please consider removing yours before somebody else has an accident because they couldn’t focus on what was happening around them.

Stickers all over your back window

Stickers are a great way to express your personality but can also be an eyesore. If you put stickers on your car windows, make sure they’re well thought out and tasteful. For example, I have several stickers showing love for my favorite sports team—the San Francisco 49ers!

There are some real eyesores out there!

Here are the worst:

  • Dashboard caddies. They are ugly, look cheap, and obstruct your view of the road. They’re only suitable for holding your phone while driving (if you can fit it in). Instead, use a cup holder or mount your phone on an air vent.
  • License plate frames with rhinestones or fake gems glued to them. This would look nice when parked at a valet stand, but it seems tacky everywhere! Also, don’t put anything in the space between your plate and frame—what if someone needs to read it?
  • Magnetic signs on rear bumpers and side panels. This one is incredibly annoying because these signs tend to be huge so that people can see them from far away (lots of wasted space). Use decals instead of having a magnetic sign inside or outside your car! Decals are cheaper than magnets and easier to apply/remove without damaging either surface permanently.


There are some real eyesores out there! Many of these accessories were made to be funny and cute, but they can sometimes go a bit overboard. If you’re looking for something fun or silly for your car, ensure it doesn’t get too tacky. If you like this article, please check out our blog.

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