De quoi parle-t-on ? éducateur comportementaliste

Our pets are sensitive and social beings. As a result, they have species-specific communication and needs. It is therefore important that these are fulfilled in order to ensure a balanced and happy life for our companions. This is the role of the educator and the behaviorist.

The canine educator aims to teach dogs and cats to behave in our human world. My role as a behavioral educator consists, therefore, in giving you the keys to understanding your animal. Condition to live in full harmony and enjoy as it should. To do this, I rely on a positive education and on the consideration of each human and animal individual.
If ideally, education begins in early childhood, it is never too late to do well. Indeed all animals can learn to live in harmony with us and at any age!

On the other hand, education is only beneficial if the animal is in good learning conditions. It happens for various reasons that our companions develop annoying behaviors (aggressiveness, jumping, barking, pulling on a leash, fear, dirt, damage, etc.). This is when you need to call in a behavioral educator.

As a specialist in the Human/Animal relationship, the behaviorist uses tools drawn from ethology and psychology to determine the causes of behavior. Once identified, during a first appointment, we will determine a protocol to put in place and follow it until a return to normal.

Thereafter, education can be considered for the greatest pleasure of all!

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